Apartment Renovation

Apartment Renovation

Date: February 2017
Location: Bangalore, India
Client: Assetz East Point

Category: Residential

Client Requirement

The renovation of the apartment was a simple request to bring in some change in the monotonous lifestyle. The description included the entire balcony, living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and, garage.

Our Resolution

We are the go – to general contractor for your home construction projects. It does not matter if it is under budget and ahead of schedule. We can handle it all. So here we started off by bringing the transformation in bright colors, having detailed designs within a minimal cost, fashionable textile wallpapers along with the usage of natural fabrics, effective energy efficiency and flooring design options of ceramic tile, wood, laminate. Contemporary ceiling panels were also used in order to enhance the overall effect of the piece. We also had a blend in of Mosaic tiles and luxury accessories for the bathrooms, new kitchen cabinets and modern fitted furniture. The new colors and furniture refresh the space and create a friendlier atmosphere.