Welcome to Mind Over Matter Interiors

Live in the leading- the spaces in between the rules.”
– Stephen Mumaw

A place where plans, creativity and skills come together to bring your dreams to reality.

We at Mind Over Matter Interiors believe that interior design is the art of creative knowledge where imagination is infused with reality to accomplish a masterpiece. The rooms are designed in such a way that they make you feel like you’re in a paradise of your own. We are a leading interior designing firm in Bangalore and offer our services for any flexible budget and scope of work.

We make it necessary to make sure that your home describes your personality and is a multitude of what you like.

Discuss with us what your desirable home looks like and we will help accomplish your ideas come to life.


We at Mind Over Matter Interiors create homes that reflect your true inner self. For 5 years we have been in this incredible journey and have consistently delivered on quality and a promising chronicle in interior design.

Value and Mission

We at Mind Over Matter Interiors work to express the passion as a creative design consultancy working closely together with our clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers to decorate homes for families with love. Our mission is to bring dreams to reality, hence being recognized in the marketplace and serving healthy client relationships by providing a measurable improvement in building assets.


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